Start a Team

Are you living in South Carolina and interested in starting a water polo team, but not sure where to begin?

We know how it feels! Prior to the establishment of our club, water polo was non-existent in South Carolina (with the exception of a couple on/off college club teams). There are numerous water polo programs in neighboring states such as Florida, Georgia, North Carolina and up the East Coast, but somehow nothing in South Carolina. It took us over 3 years before we officially formed a water polo club. Our club is the first and only program recognized by USA Water Polo in South Carolina.

Along the way, we learned a lot about starting a water polo program! We have encountered many obstacles… which have turned into lessons learned, we have found helpful resources, and have made valuable connections. We want to share these lessons with others interested in organizing a water polo club in our state, and it is our hope that you do NOT have to invest nearly as much time and energy as we did.

Contact us to start a team with South Carolina Water Polo!